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My name is Darryl Quarles and welcome to my “A LIST” screenwriting class page. The “A LIST” screenwriting class is a course that I have created to help serious people who want to become professional screenwriters, who want to make money at screenwriting, do just that. If those are not your career goals, this isn’t the class for you.

I have been a very successful professional screenwriter for over thirty years in the film industry, and during my thirty year career I have sold over twenty-two motion pictures to major studio in Hollywood, and I have had several motion pictures produced and made into theatre released feature films. A few of my movies that you may know are Big Momma’s House 1,2 &3, Bad Boys, Black Knight, Soldier Boyz and Rat Race. After over thirty years of being a successful “A LIST” screenwriter in the film industry, I have decided to teach others who are serious about becoming professional screenwriters, and who are serious about make money selling their screenplays, those who want to become “A LIST’ screenwriters — just how to do it.

When you signup and take my “A LIST” screenwriting class I will teach you not only how to write a valuable screenplay that will make you money and get you paid, I will also teach you the business of how to sell your screenplay. Again, I have sold movies to every major studio in the film industry including, Twenty First Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Disney and Columbia Pictures.

If you’re serious about becoming a professional screenwriter, if you’re serious about making money and seeing your screenplays get made into movies and becoming an “A LIST” Hollywood screenwriter, take my class.

There are a lot of screenwriting teachers and classes out there being offered by schools and different individuals today, but most instructors teaching screenwriting classes are under qualified. Most screenwriting instructors teaching today may have written a short film or two, maybe sold one screenplay to a small independent production company, or possibly entered a screenplay in a festival, but that’s the total extent of their credentials. If you want to write great screenplays that make money, screenplays that will jump start your career as a professional, why would you take a screenwriting class being taught by someone like that? Here’s a question that puts that in perspective. If you wanted to become a championship boxer, would you hire a bookkeeper that watched a few fights on TV to be your trainer? Hell no!!! Because if you did that, you would get your ass kicked every time you stepped into the ring. If you wanted to be a championship boxer, wouldn’t you want to hire a championship fighter that knows about the blood, sweat and tears it takes, someone who has been successful in the ring as a fighter who is a champion himself to be your trainer? It’s the same with screenwriting. I’ve been in the Hollywood ring with the best and have been a very successful “A LIST” screenwriter who has sold twenty-two movies to big studios. If you sign up for my class I can — and will teach you how to become a successful professional screenwriter who can write valuable screenplays that will jump start your professional screenwriter career and make you money.

Please see my filmography on this page that shows my success rate in the film industry, and then stop chasing your tail. Click on the button to sign up for my “A LIST” screenwriting class and get serious about this business.



Next Session

The “A LIST” screenwriting class is a six week, one day a week, two hour an evening course session. The next “A LIST” screenwriting class is being offered in West Los Angeles at a location that will be given to students via email, along with the course syllabus, after they enroll in the class. The class will meet on consecutive Wednesday nights starting January 13, 2016, and will end on February 17, 2016. The class will be held from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM during the six week session. There is limited seating for all “A LIST” screenwriting classes and the cost is $499.00 for the six week course. Please note there will be no audio or video recording allowed in class and no refunds will be made. All sales are final.

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SANFORD AND SON – (Writer/Producer) SONY
Marc Toberoff, Benny Medina, Jeff Pollack (Producer)

SO THIS IS LOVE – Screen Gems (Writer/Director)

ABSOLUTE JUSTICE – (Writer/Producer) Emmett/Furla Films

Antoine Fuqua (Director) Lela Rochon attached

MERCY – (Writer/Producer) Emmett/Furla Films

THIN ICE – (pitch) (Writer/Exec. Producer) REVOLUTION STUDIOS
Cuba Gooding Jr. (Exec Prod./Actor)

BLACK TO AFRICA – (Writer) 20th Century Fox (Animation)
Fried Films

ROAD DOGS – (Writer) Paramount Pictures/Tom Nunan (Producer)


THE BOMB – (Rewrite) Warner Brothers/Magic Hallway Pictures

THE LOVE GOD – (Remake) Universal Pictures/Imagine Ent.

BLACK KNIGHT – (Writer/Producer) 20th Century Fox

BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE 2 – (Source material and creator) 20th Century Fox
Regency Entertainment, Friendly Productions, You Go Boy Productions

BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE – (Writer) 20th Century Fox
Regency Entertainment, Friendly Productions, You Go Boy Productions

IF THE SHOE FITS – (pitch) (Writer/Director) Sony Pictures Releasing
Baumgarten Management


STRAY DAWGZ – (Writer/Exec. Producer) New Line Cinema
Cube Vision/The Firm (Ice Cube attached)

FREAKNIK – (Writer) New Line Cinema
Metropolitan Filmexporer

COURT ORDERED – (Writer) Sony Pictures Releasing
Martin Lawrence attached

Chris Tucker attached as actor/producer

RAT RACE – (Writer)Buena Vista Pictures/Bruckheimer Films

THERE GOES THE HOOD – (Writer) Universal Pictures

SOLDIER BOYZ – Motion Picture Corporation of America


Writer/Exec. Producer

THE PARENT’HOOD – (Producer) WB Network



CLEGHORNE– (Story Editor) Fox


FAMILY TIES – (writer) Paramount Television

AMEN – (writer) Carson Productions


Video Game Creator

UNDERGROUND BOUNTY HUNTER – interactive online video game

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