Darryl J. Quarles is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, lecturer and teacher, who is one of the most successful screenwriters in the history of Hollywood. Darryl was born in Compton, California, where he grew up with five other siblings along with his mother and father.

Darryl’s family left Compton when he was seven and moved to South Central Los Angeles where he grew up in a very tough area in the inner city. Surrounded in an environment of gangs, crime, violence and drugs, Darryl, with the strong support of his very religious mother, managed to stay focused on school and stay out of serious trouble

Upon graduating from high school, Darryl scored within the top 10% of the state on the SAT and was accepted to the University Of California at Los Angeles. After enrolling at UCLA, Darryl chose Political Science and Economics as his majors, and had dreams of becoming a world known attorney. Darryl excelled at UCLA and graduated as an honor student

After graduating from UCLA, Darryl entered law school determined to become an outstanding attorney. After law school however, Darryl’s passion for creative writing which he had since childhood, became even stronger.

It was in 1986 when Darryl was told about a writing contest that the Writer’s Guild was sponsoring for new screenwriters. Darryl, who had never seen a screenplay decided to enter the contest. Darryl wrote a full length feature screenplay overnight, and won the Writer’s Guild contest out of several hundred entries. This was the beginning of Darryl’s professional writing career.

Darryl began his professional writing career in television. As a television writer he wrote for several of the top ranked network shows during his impressive career. Some of these television shows include Amen, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Parent Hood, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Under One Roof, which he created and executive produced for Fox Television.

Darryl quickly excelled in the television industry as a writer and producer, and decided to turn his focus on a bigger and broader creative writing challenges.

Darryl turned his attention and focus to feature screenwriting after his very successful career and television, and quickly sold his very first screenplay in just two days. After his first screenplay sold he never looked back. Darryl is now one of the most bought Hollywood Screenwriter’s ever, African American or otherwise, and has sold over 25 feature movies to major studios. Some of Darryl’s movies include, Rat Race, Soldier Boyz, Big Momma’s House, Big Momma’s House 2, Big Momma’s House 3, Bad Boys, The Love God, Mr. President and many more. Darryl’s most recent feature project written which he is also producing is, “Sanford And Son” the movie for Sony Pictures.

During Darryl’s career as a feature writer he has worked with and has maintained very strong relationships with several of the industries most respected talents. A few of whom include, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Paul Gimanti, and Antoine Fuqua.

Darryl’s career as an African American screenwriter is unparalleled with over 25 movies sold, and he has well over several hundred million dollars to his credit in world wide box office receipts. Darryl is now one of the top box office grossing African American screenwriter’s in the history of Hollywood.

Darryl today teaches and lectures all over the country. He is a well saught after keynote speaker who lectures and teaches with over thirty years of succesful, and professional experience in the film and television industry.

Darryl’s topics for lecturing as a keynote speaker focus on giving firsthand guidance and advice on how to succeed in the film and television industry, and how to achieve professional success as a screenwriting and producer in television and film.

Darryl, who grew up in the inner city which can be very counterproductive for success, teaches others his life long philosophy for success which comes from his self developed concept: CEO, which means “Chasing Every Opportunity.” Darryl speaks on these three self developed principals “CEO” which he has used his entire life to guide his career, and his personal life out of the inner city and adverse circumstances, to unparalleled success in his personal life and in Hollywood.